Home Service Support

After-sale service:

1. Be on call, convenient and reliable.

2. Quality of service to the greatest degree of customer satisfaction.

3. Commitment to product failure in the use process, after receiving notification, if need to be solved on-site, professional and technical service personnel will rush to the scene in time and deal with related problems.

4. During the warranty period, we will repair or replace the damaged products caused by quality problems free of charge.

5. If necessary, we can also provide on-site training courses to ensure that operators use CHPBV products more effectively.

Market support:

The company provides the agent with the cost reimbursement of store decoration and advertising investment, protects the sales area of the partner, and brings the proxy policy of benefit to the partner.

Customer Information Provision:

Through the telephone and network, the company provides the agent with incoming calls and on-line customer consultation information, timely and comprehensive to provide customers with product details of the consultation.

Technical support:

The company's technical department, as an extension of the company's customer support, is responsible for the technical training of agents, and processes and collects feedback from users on products.

Easy to better bring convenient services to customers.

Website Platform:

The company's website, the main goal is to provide real-time, detailed and accurate market and product information, market activities for the company's partners and users.

Shao, market strategy, service support, propaganda materials, etc., and collect information feedback from partners and users to make it a bridge of two-way communication.