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C50 Series Tri-eccentric Metal Hard Sealed Butterfly Valves
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Technical Specifications

Basic parameters
Tongjing: 2"- 56" (DN50 - DN1400) (Note: Including all listed stress levels). Can be customized according to the requirements of larger size.
Pressure rating: Class 150 - Class 1500; PN25 - PN260
Vacuum pressure: 0.05 bars (abs.)/37.5 Torr (abs.)
Connection modes: pair clamp type, support ear type, double flange type, welding type.
Applicable temperature: - 196 -+750 (-321 -+1202). The applicable temperature can be increased according to the requirements.
Driving mode: coil, electric, pneumatic.
Application Range: Pressure from vacuum to high pressure. From low temperature to high temperature. The valve has a leak level of 6 and a standard fire protection level.

standard specification
Design and manufacturing standards:API 609, MSS SP-68, BS EN 593, EN 12569
Temperature and pressure reference: ASME B16.34, EN12516.1 Standard
Low temperature Standard: BS 6364, MSS SP-134
Upper flange reference: BS EN ISO 5211 standard
Lower flange reference: ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47, ISO 7005, EN 1092
Structure length: API 609. MSS SP-68, IS0 5752, EN 558
Test Standard: AP 598, ISO 5208, EN 12266 / 1: 2012, ANSI/FCI 70 / 2
Fire standard: BS EN ISO 10497, API607, API F6A
Valve marking reference: MSS SP-25. EN 19: 2002 standard
Leak Test: API 622, API 624, ISO/CD 15848, EPA Method 21

For detailed dimensions and parameters, please contact us or your local dealer.