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C32 series midline lining fluorine flange butterfly valve
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Technical Specifications

The valve body and butterfly plate lined PTFE (or F46, PFA) have very good corrosion resistance. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electronics, metallurgy, medicine, electric power, environmental protection and other industrial sectors. It can cut off or regulate strong corrosive media such as acid and alkali.
ASME B  16.1  150LB   BS4504  PN10/16  DIN2501  
PN10/16    ISO7005  PN10/16    EN1092 PN10/16

Nominal diameter: pair clamp DN50-DN900
Flange type: DN50-600
Pressure standard: DN50-DN250 16Bar
DN300-DN900 10Bar
Applicable temperature: - 35 C to 200 C
Structure length: EN593 API 609 BS5155 MSS SP-67
Testing according to BS5155 EN 12266-1 ISO5208 API 598 standard
Valve Flange Standard: ASME B 16.1 125LB
ASME B 16.1 150 LB BS4504 PN10/16 DIN 2501
PN10/16 ISO7005 PN10/16 EN1092 PN10/16
Scope of application: water treatment, petrochemical industry, energy, municipal administration, shipbuilding, etc.
Desulfurization and denitrification of nicotine in iron and steel industry, chemical industry, gas and flue gas
Driving modes: manual, coil, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic linkage, etc.
Leakage Level: RATE A EN 12266-2 (Zero Leakage)

Product characteristics
1. Seamless body design
2. Design of "V" Sealing Packing
3. Two-way sealing of valves
4. Equal Percentage Flow Regulation
5. Beautiful appearance
6. More optional bushing materials

For detailed dimensions and parameters, please contact us or your local dealer.