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C83 series fluorine-lined ball valves
Product category:Ball valve
Technical Specifications

C83 series fluorine-lined ball valves are designed in the latest structural form. PTFE (or F46, PFA) with full liner inside the valve body and core has excellent corrosion resistance. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electronics, metallurgy, medicine, electric power, environmental protection and other industrial sectors.
It can realize the circulation and cut off of strong corrosive medium such as acid and alkali.

Product Design Characteristics
1. Swallow-tail trough structure lining fluorine, anti-falling, can be used in negative pressure conditions
2. Automatic compensation design of stem packing, good sealing effect
3. Small clearance between valve ball and valve chamber, which effectively reduces the accumulation of material in valve chamber.
4. Mechanical limit design reduces valve torsion
5. Seating performance of valve seat with linear seal design is better
6. Balanced relief hole design to improve valve safety performance and service life
7. Fluorine-lined V-type ball valve realizes flow regulation
8. Valve Connection Platform Design in accordance with ISO521 Standard

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